For the last 10 years, we have partnered with some of the world’s leading companies that makes the world go round through user centric product experiences.

Orel Learning

Offers online education and training, providing courses, resources and interactive tools for flexible and convenient learning experiences.

E-Commerce Market Place

A premier e-commerce marketplace designed to help merchants to find a platform to sell and market.

Ticket Validation

The application facilitates users to manage their daily travel tickets and purchase new tickets in one platform.

CV Management System

System is designed to automate the recruitment process, save time and make better hiring decisions to supports HR professionals.

Appointment Management System

The smart appointment booking application that help therapist to manage their client’s appointment.

Gate Pass System (IOT)

To track the availability of employees during work hours.

Key Management System

Key Management System track the distribution of keys and ensure the security of physical assets.

Performance Management System

The automated and streamlined process to make easier to evaluate employee performance.

We’re a product design agency that helps transform your ideas into tangible, interactive objects. We love the idea of working with like-minded people to make something amazing.

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